:: considerably comprehensive catalog of capabilities ::

The professionals at B:COMPLEX Creative can:

  • design a website...5 pages or 500
  • build an interactive Flash application
  • devise a cohesive marketing strategy
  • eat crackers and whistle at the same time
  • compose a gorgeous product photo
  • make your company look good
  • create a corporate identity custom-designed to enhance a business' brand
  • buy media
  • develop interactive CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs
  • lay out a brochure
  • design a business card
  • tell a good knock-knock joke
  • consult on effective marketing strategy
  • run 10k...just not all at once
  • deliver a keynote speech on effective marketing
  • art-direct a photo shoot
  • design a billboard
  • execute a cross-channel ad campaign
  • leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • write effective web copy
  • build a dynamic data-driven web catalog
  • produce a professional-quality corporate video to show off your latest product, service, or division
  • alliterate like a champ
  • design a custom trade show booth
  • elevate your business

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In Their Words...

Engaging B:COMPLEX Creative to design our website has been a very positive experience. Not only are we completely satisfied with the final product, working with them has proven to be a valuable partnership. They were able to build upon our initial concept with strong design principals and their own ideas to produce a comprehensive and unified vision for the site. During the entire process they provided excellent advice and quick turn arounds. B:COMPLEX Creative provided top-notch service from beginning to end.

Daniel Small

Director, Courtier Productions