:: considerably comprehensive catalog of capabilities ::

The professionals at B:COMPLEX Creative can:

  • design a website...5 pages or 500
  • build an interactive Flash application
  • devise a cohesive marketing strategy
  • eat crackers and whistle at the same time
  • compose a gorgeous product photo
  • make your company look good
  • create a corporate identity custom-designed to enhance a business' brand
  • buy media
  • develop interactive CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs
  • lay out a brochure
  • design a business card
  • tell a good knock-knock joke
  • consult on effective marketing strategy
  • run 10k...just not all at once
  • deliver a keynote speech on effective marketing
  • art-direct a photo shoot
  • design a billboard
  • execute a cross-channel ad campaign
  • leap tall buildings in a single bound
  • write effective web copy
  • build a dynamic data-driven web catalog
  • produce a professional-quality corporate video to show off your latest product, service, or division
  • alliterate like a champ
  • design a custom trade show booth
  • elevate your business

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In Their Words...

B:COMPLEX Creative came highly recommended as a creative and reliable Flash development house, and we were immediately pleased with their professional and friendly demeanor. Through the years, our relationship with them has grown to include numerous interactive projects, the latest being a complete redesign and reimagining of our website.

They don't merely produce what we request: they ask questions and provide recommendations before and during every project that provide us extra guidance and confidence. They understand the professional image that we strive for, and ensure that it comes out in everything they do.

Valerie Hayden

Marketing Coordinator -- GM Voices, Inc.